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No Competition

Tom Lane/Article from Worship Musician Magazine: Some of the most vivid memories I have as a kid involve baseball. We lived at the ball fields, it was a community event, and when we weren’t there we were in our yards or the streets throwing the ball. I loved the smell of my leather glove and…

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Killing Criticism

Tom Lane/Article from Worship Musician Magazine: One of the true enemies of worship is criticism, I’m amazed at how much it permeates the Church and worship. Everyone has an opinion and many feel obliged to give it regularly. We critique services like we do broadway productions or touring shows and hold lengthy meetings to evaluate…

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Younger Voices

Tom Lane/Article from Worship Musician Magazine: We are blessed to live in a time when so many resources are available to us in the Church. Not only in the way of technology but leadership and talent. I’m amazed at the level of gifting especially among young people. I know there have always been gifted people…

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Songs And Arrangements (Connecting with your people!)

 Tom Lane/Article from Worship Musician Magazine: Songs are amazing vehicles that deliver heart, passion, truth, doctrine, and so on. My brain is full of them and there’s a running soundtrack for my life recallable at any time. People connect with good songs and like what they like, often without any explanation. Though not all have…

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